Arbitrage betting or "Surebets" are mathematically calculated sports arbitrage situations which allow you placing bets on all the opposing outcomes of the event. You earn in spite of the outcome!

The reasons for arbitrage situation appearance:

- Overstated odds as a result of bookmakers competition.
- Bookmakers cannot keep the track of each other and give different odds.
- Bookmaker mistakes that lead to false odds calculation.

Our surebet service scans such odds and, afterwards, makes all the necessary calculations by means of mathematical formulas and informs you what and how much to bet on to get a safe profit. You gain 5% - 25% profit from the total investment.

How our software works:

We have two basketball teams: Leicester Warriors and Westminster Warriors. There is a huge variety of bookmakers presenting various odds for Team1 and Team2 to win. By means of specially developed scanning technology our surebet service made the following steps:

- It scanned all the odds of Leicester Warriors – Westminster Warriors with more than 100 bookies.
- It defined the best odds by means of simple mathematical reckoning.
- It found and picked out the most beneficial surebets for you to bet online.

Let's assume that having scanned all the bookies for Leicester Warriors – Westminster Warriors competition, the scanner selected bookmakers with following odds:

Define inversion (L) for all the bookmaker results:

Accordingly, B1 counts on 5.6% of profit, and B2 – 5.1% under any outcome. Our aim is to define the odds in the way the inversion of opposing results to be less than 1. Only under such circumstances the surebet succeeds:
1. Inversion (L) for B1 and B2. Imagine B1 bets on the win of Leicester Warrior, and B2 – on Westminster Warriors

As you may see, inversion for the opposing bets is less than 1, thus, both bookmakers are suitable for our further reckoning.

2.Bet calculation For instance, we have $1000. The bets for B1 (V1) and B2 (V2) are the following:

Consequently, we have to place $268.30 on the win of Leicester Warrior (B1) and $731.70 on Westminster Warriors (B2) to get safe profit.

3. Net profit (P) from the total sum wagered:

In case Leicester Warriors wins:

In case Westminster Warriors wins:

We get $1046.33 from our total sum wagered ($1000) no matter the outcome. Net profit is $46.33 or 4.42% from the sum wagered.

Note that you can have average of 25% ROI with Prematch and 200% with Live Bets.

Guide: Where to start?

Arbing is absolutely legal. It doesn’t differ from usual betting. Bookmaker offers a price, you admit it and bet eventually. Arb Services and services that search for best odds are similar to those in FMV.
Specific sum depends on money you’re ready to invest. Of course, the more you give, the more you get. However, taking into account percent of the sum provided, you’ll earn much more in percentage terms on the small sum then on the large one. That is because of bookmakers’ restrictions. Small wagers usually have fewer limitations, so bankroll rapidly grows. One may make 10-30% every month.

How much time would it take depends only on you and on your disposable funds. In the beginning, 1-2 hours would be okay. But when your bankroll gets larger, you will contribute much more of your time. The most pleasant thing is that your return is at once seen in the calculator. It’ll help you determine the needed time.
If you’re a freshman, it’s better to gamble small amounts. When you already confident in yourself, you can increase your stake as well as the number of bookies.

Bet Types

All bookmakers are looking forward to attract as much players as possible. They present different game lines for that reason. The more diverse the line, the more interesting the process of betting.

Game line is a list of bets and odds offered by a bookmaker for a particular event. It includes various types: statistics, additional bets. Each bet has its value which may be changed to bookmaker’s discretion. The line has different form depending on a bookie. Our aim is to examine it as a whole.

The most popular are correct score bets:

1 or W1 – Team1 win;
2 or W2 – Team2 win;
X– a draw.

These outcomes form 1X2 line and Moneyline. The 1X2 line provides wagers on the following oucomes: 1, X and 2. Moneyline in turn present wagers on 1 (Team1 win) and 2 (Team2 win), which are usually used in sports where tie score is imposible.

Double chance is formed by combination of bets on correct scores like 1X, 12 and 2X, i.e. one bet includes two outcomes. – Team1 wins or draws; 12 – a draw; – Team2 wins or draws.

Handicap bets This type appeals to equalize chances of both teams in case one of them is obvious favorite. Favorite handicap has negative value, outsider - positive. Let’s imagine that Team1 is the favorite, then handicap line would look like this: H1 (-2) and H2 (+2). Handicap wagers allow users to play on much favorable terms.

Total bets are placed on total score of the game. The bookie gives total score and two wagers: Total Over and Total Under. Thus, the score should be higher than total for TO to win. The same with TU: total line may look like this: ТO (5) and ТU (5). Total value depends on sports type (rules) and on competitors’ strength.

According to prioroty, the following are Asian handicap and Asian total. Per se, that are the same handicaps and totals but with quaternary value: AH1 (+1.25), AH2 (-1.25) and TO (1.75), TU (1.75). Pecularity of such bets is that your wager equaly divided between the next two wagers multiple of 0.5. Eventually, it’ll reflect on your profit.

The 3Way handicap (European handicap) is the most difficult for understanding. The given line has three outcomes: 1, X and 2 with corresponding odds. European handicap is given as initial score, i.e. 0-2.

Handicap and total lines may include additional bets: additional handicap, total, individual total etc.

Bets on statistics are presented by wagers on statistical data: number of corners, yellow cards, penalties etc. Do not mix up statistics with an ordinary line. They are very similar by form. Betcity gives a name of a championship including “Statistics” (marked red) to not confuse it with others: Yellow cards (marked green) or Corners:


We scan more than 200 bookmakers. Full list is presented on Bookmakers page.
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Prematch: Pinnacle, Bet365, Sbobet, Marathon, WilliamHill, PariMatch, Fonbet, Unibet, Betfair.


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